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Work in progress. Please do not edit this page except to correct typos unless you have been invited. Suggestions welcome on Talk:Announcement.

Today we announce OpenZFS: the truly open source successor to the ZFS project.

OpenZFS is a community which brings together developers from the illumos, FreeBSD, Linux, and OS X platforms, and a wide range of companies that are building products on top of OpenZFS. OpenZFS is also a new name for the work by more than 80 software developers and other contributors to improve open-source ZFS implementations.

You can read more about OpenZFS at our website: (don't forget the dash!)

OpenZFS community's goals are:

  1. To raise awareness of the quality, utility, and availability of open source implementations of ZFS by creating a website to consolidate documentation for developers and sysadmins alike, and by engaging with the larger tech community through conferences, meetups, and online interactions.
  2. To encourage open communication about ongoing efforts to improve open source ZFS, by creating a collaborative website and developer-oriented mailing list.
  3. To ensure consistent reliability, functionality, and performance of all distributions of ZFS by making it easier to share code between platforms, by creating cross-platform test suites, and by encouraging cross-platform code reviews.

More than a dozen people have helped define the OpenZFS goals and create the website, but the true community is There are many ways to participate in OpenZFS:

  • Use OpenZFS! OpenZFS is available for several operating system distributions, including FreeBSD, OmniOS (illumos), Debian, Gentoo (linux and kFreeBSD), PC-BSD, and Mac OS X.
  • If you are making a product based on OpenZFS, you are in good company. More than a dozen companies are talking about how OpenZFS helps make their products great. Contact to get your logo on the companies list and our T-shirts.
  • Write code for OpenZFS and contribute it to your platform's repo. Join the mailing list to stay informed about OpenZFS projects, and get design help or feedback on your code changes.
  • Contribute to the growing body of documentation on the website. Share your experiences with OpenZFS by blogging, tweeting (#OpenZFS), and speaking at conferences and user groups.