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Open ZFS Talks

Date and Time Conference Title Speakers
Sept 17, 2013, 15:10-16:00 LinuxCon North America 2013 (New Orleans) Open ZFS on Linux: How the Linux, FreeBSD, and Illumos Communities are Joining Forces to Continue Improving Open-Source ZFS Matt Ahrens,
Brian Behlendorf
Sept 28, 2013, 14:30-15:15 EuroBSDCon 2013 (Malta) Open ZFS: Upcoming Features and Performance Enhancements with illumos and FreeBSD joining Forces Matt Ahrens,
Martin Matuska
Oct 1, 15:00-22:00 NOSIG (Amsterdam) Open ZFS: The Linux, FreeBSD, and illumos communities join forces to continue improving open-source ZFS Matt Ahrens
Nov 8, 2013 (TBD) LISA '13 (Washington, D.C.) ZFS in the open, ZFS guru session George Wilson
Nov (TBD) Open ZFS Day (Bay Area, CA) Hosted by Delphix

Or should we try to do this as a calendar? I think that would be ideal, but I worry about how much information we can put in. Anyway, something to look into if you think it will be worthwhile."